Warehouse Aisle, Information and Safety Signs

Signage plays a critical role in a warehouse or industrial environment to inform, confirm and direct workers. Some of the more common uses of signage includes:



Warehouse inventory storage environments use aisle signs to assist workers to easily locate the correct aisle for the movement of inventory. These signs can be attached to racks or posts or suspended from the ceiling. The sign may hang flat and be read from one side or it can be angled to stand out from the rack or post to be read from both sides. Hanging aisle signs can also be made in square or triangle shapes to be viewed from all sides. When labeling an aisle, you should place a sign at every entry/exit point. This would include both ends of an aisle as well as any breaks where there are cross aisles.


Warehouse area signs may include general work areas such as put away zones or pick faces or they could be processing areas that are also inventory storage locations such as pallet wrap, QC, Inspection, etc. If they are physical storage locations, the sign may require a barcode. If the areas are large, then multiple signs with the same information may be required. There should be enough signs so that anywhere in that area that inventory is placed, a sign can be read.


Some of the warehouse safety / security sign requirements are dictated by regulatory agencies such as OSHA requirements and state fire codes. Others are informational signs to make your employees aware or keep them informed of company policies and procedures.



Warehouse outside dock door numbers are used to direct drivers to the appropriate door for deliveries and pickups. Yard signs are also needed to inform and direct drivers and employees. These Warehouse outside door signs typically have jumbo lettering and we recommend an aluminum sign backing. You may also want to consider a reflective face on the sign.

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