Rack / Bin / Shelf Labels - Custom Printed Warehouse Rack, Shelf Labels

Storage locations must be clearly labeled and easily scanned from the equipment being used (fork truck-man up/man down, hand truck, etc.). Custom printed warehouse rack and shelf bar code labels should assist the operator to create a smooth flow for operations. The rack and shelf labels should be easy to identify and clear as to which bar code should be scanned for each location.
Consideration for these rack and shelf labels should include color coding for easy identification of the level, bay or position, the use of arrows to clearly identify the level the label applies to, voice check digits, reflective material for long distance scanning of upper levels or the use of labels on the vertical beam to scan upper levels from the ground.  
For permanent custom printed warehouse rack and shelf labels, DASKO uses durable film materials with a permanent adhesive and subsurface printing with a clear lamination.  We also offer innovative solutions for temporary or repositionable applications using magnets, label holders and specialty materials.

There are many types of rack and bin systems which present unique challenges for labeling.  Here are some considerations most common to all systems.  A DASKO consultant can help you with label guidance and samples for your specific needs.

Rack Label Options For Lower Levels and Short Range Scanning


If you use man up lift equipment or have racks, shelves and bins that are reached from the ground, then there are many common factors when designing a location label.  Label placement, material handling equipment and bar code scanning distance are critical factors.  Label decisions include bar code type and size, check digits, voice characters, color coding and text size.  It is also common for pallet rack for the first crossbeam to be used to display both the barcode for the ground level below the crossbeam and the level directly above the crossbeam.  In order to avoid confusion to the lift operator, arrows are often used to clearly identify the location above and below the crossbeam.  Color coding by level also provides additional visual verification for the operator.

Rack Label Options For Upper Levels and Long Range Scanning

If reach trucks or order pickers are being used so that the person is physically at the upper level locations when picking or pulling inventory, then a consistent label size is all that is needed.  However, if the lift trucks are man down, additional decisions are required as to how to scan the upper level rack positions from the ground.  Here are three options to address this challenge: 

Use the vertical post


Label each location with a custom printed warehouse rack and shelf label that can be scanned from either a fork lift or reach truck. Stack the bar codes for each level on top of each other and apply it to the vertical post at the ground level so that all levels can be scanned from the ground. DASKO refers to this stacked label as a “totem pole”. It is common to also label each actual location with a bar code that can be scanned in the even that a person is up at the actual level (cycle count, audit, new equipment). To enhance this option and provide a visual check that the right label on the vertical post is being scanned, it is recommended that each level is color coded on both the actual location label and the totem pole on the vertical post.

Use reflective labels on the upper levels for long distance scanning.


This allows all locations to be scanned at the actual location but scanning can be a challenge since rack beams are most commonly 4” high and many have a wire waterfall leaving a small space for a barcode target that may need to be scanned 20’-25’.  DASKO has several options to make this scanning easier including:

Put the labels for all levels on the first crossbeam.


This is a cost effective method for labeling but is also the most challenging from an operational standpoint.  Mistakes and inaccurate scans are common results as many bar codes are close together.  Color coding or highlighting the level on the label is recommended to make it easier to identify the correct location.  Also, we recommend staggering the barcodes and human readable if this approach is used.

Repositionable Label Options

Often there are custom printed warehouse rack and shelf label needs that are not permanent locations. This may include areas where storage locations may expand and contract or label needs for product information that can be moved based on usage or seasonal situations. DASKO offers LABEL MAGIC ™ which can reface the surface of your rack and cover all existing labels and markings while providing a unique surface that allows adhesive labels to be applied, removed and re-applied for changing product information or location areas that require frequent re-slotting. We also offer options that include repositionable adhesive labels, magnetic labels, and a variety of label and tag holders.

Freezer/Cold Storage Labels

Coolers, cold storage and blast freezers may require label application at below freezing temperatures. DASKO offers several options including adhesives, magnetic labels, and bar coded signs that provide bar code solutions that work in cold storage applications.

Small Shelf/Bin Labels


Smaller shelf and bin labels have limited height space but the labels can be designed to take advantage of the width.  DASKO recommends printing the human readable to the side of the bar code so the bar code has the full height to present itself to the operator.

In-House Printing

If you print your custom printed warehouse rack and shelf labels in-house, DASKO can offers a labels for thermal complete set of, laser and ink jet printing. Click here for more information on blank labels that include:

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