Label Magic™ is a patent pending product that provides a simple process to clean and reface your rack beams while offering the ability to easily re-label, re-configure and re-slot your racks and shelves.


Easily Reface Your Rack Beams

Apply Label Magic™ directly over old labels and markings.  There is no need for industrial cleaning of racks or painting rack crossbeams to clean racks prior to a new labeling project.  Our patent pending construction completely covers what is underneath so you instantly reface your rack beams to make them look new again.

Give your racks an instant face-lift!

Easily Re-slot or Reconfigure locations

Re-slot locations or change location sizes without expensive magnets or label holders.  Label Magic™ has a unique surface that makes it easy to remove or move labels to accommodate changing location sizes.  Label Magic™ can be provided in a tape format to make the entire rack beam a re-configurable label system or it can be provided in a label form to provide specific areas to apply new labels.

Replaces magnets, pouches & label holders!

Easily Change Product Information or Voice Check Digits

If you need to change product information, voice check digits or other information which can vary over time, Label Magic™ makes it easy.  Eliminate magnets and label holders and let Label Magic’s unique surface allow you to cleanly remove old labels and replace with current information.  Apply Label Magic™ as a base label in specific areas or use a tape version to make the entire rack beam a removable label system.

Change labels quick, clean and easy!

Color Match, Color Code or Color Contrast

Label Magic™ can be colored to match your racks, color coded to visually recognize specific areas or contrasted with existing rack colors to identify where labels should be applied.

Color your warehouse with Label Magic™!