DURACODE™ was designed with the warehouse floor labels in mind!
This is the best product available for a warehouse floor.

Chemically welded layers provide a tough shield to protect the print image and allow for bar code scanning.  This allows us to provide the durability of metal labels and frames at a fraction of the cost.

Available in many standard sizes or we can provide custom sizes and designs to meet your needs.  These labels can be printed with variable data, bar codes, graphics, colors and logos.

DURACODE™ warehouse floor labels are a tough, durable, harsh environment label with an aggressive adhesive that can also be used for:

DASKO also offers more floor products for warehouse striping, pallet lane marking and a wide variety of shapes for 5s and Six Sigma programs.

DURACODE™ – ask for it by name!  Click here for free samples to test in your environment.


Another DASKO development with an aggressive adhesive for the floor, an extremely low profile and a special topcoat that allows items to slide over it easily. Cost effective and durable with many sizes, colors and print options available. A good option for areas with limited lift traffic.


Strong aluminum frame with replaceable clear lens covering to protect the label underneath. The frame can be anchored to the floor with adhesive or concrete screws. Dasko can provide durable custom printed labels in many colors and print options. For more information on our Duraframe Metal Floor Label Kits click here.

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