Bar coded reflective floor signs and placards can be suspended from the ceiling above each floor location or mounted on walls or posts. Stiff sign backings such as plastic or metal should be used to keep the barcode flat for easy scanning.  Bar code signs can be used indoors, outdoors and in freezers to designate floor locations.


DASKO can shape or angle the signs to provide an optimal view for scanning from the ground. Hanging signs may be suspended up to 40 feet from the floor and scanned with long range scanners using large barcodes on reflective label material or 2D bar codes.

Bar code reflective floor signs and placards may also be needed for dock doors, staging and locations that have a wall or post to attach the sign.  DASKO can help you design the best bar code sign solution for your application.


DASKO fabricates the signs so we can provide the sign backings in white or colored materials, cut to any size, and include bends and/or holes based on your needs. In addition to the barcode, reflective floor signs and placards can be printed with large lettering, voice check digits, colored printing and graphics.

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