Preprinted Bar Codes, Laminated, Sequential, Variable Data & RFID Labels

DASKO offers printing services that provide a combination of flexibility and economy in producing preprinted laminated and sequential labels for identification and tracking of individual items. Our extensive printing capabilities include colors, graphics and protective coatings for subsurface printing. Combining this with our access to durable and specialty materials, means you do not have to invest in expensive equipment, training and materials to get exactly the labels you need.


Our digital printing capabilities can include bar codes, RFID, sequential numbers and variable data which can be printed from your data files. We offer custom labels from .25” x .25” to fit in tight spaces on a circuit board to 10” x 48” for long distance scanning of bar code labels and signs. We can print all the major one dimensional and 2D bar code symbologies… and our bar code labels are guaranteed to scan the first time, every time!

DASKO has access to an extensive inventory of tag and adhesive backed material for your laminated and sequential number label applications requiring permanent or removable needs, extreme temperatures (-80F to +1,800F), prolonged outdoor use and exposure to grease, humidity, water washes, solvents, reagents and much, much more.

With every custom label from DASKO, you receive free label design assistance to help you select the right material, the appropriate bar code and RFID specifications and the best design for your laminated and sequential label need. We specialize in industrial applications, harsh environments and long distance scanning. We can incorporate label holders, magnets and signs to complete your label needs. We know what works… and what doesn’t!

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