DASKO offers a wide variety of options for label holders.  From industrial grade magnets for freezers, and temporary use applications where item or location identification may change over time.  In addition to magnet blanks, DASKO also offers magnetic sign blanks and magnetic label holders.



We offer high quality, crystal clear vinyl sleeves for a brilliant display of the enclosed label and to provide for bar code scanning.


We can make any of our sign blanks and label holders with a magnetic backing.


LABEL MAGIC™ is a patent pending product that can be used to reface a rack/shelf face and change the surface to allow standard adhesive labels to be applied, removed and re-applied. This allows you to use standard adhesive labels that can be removed or re-positioned at any time to allow for re-slotting or changing information.
Click here for more information on LABEL MAGIC™.


These label holders are made of a flexible and durable thin plastic that can include a bend to angle the label to the floor for better visibility to the user.  The flexibility of the material allows it to take a hit and spring back to its original position.  These holders are often used for upper level rack labels to angle a bar coded label to the floor for scanning from tight angles.

DASKO can also provide pre-printed labels and tags to use with your magnetic label holders. Click here for more information.

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