Blank Labels & Tags, Thermal / Laser / Inkjet

DASKO offers top quality thermal, laser and ink jet labels for in-house printing of bar code and RFID labels.  We work closely with our suppliers to assure that all materials meet specifications and have been tested before they are placed in inventory.  We make sure materials will print at required speeds and will protect your printer from jams and unnecessary damage.  You can be confident that the thermal, laser and ink jet labels you purchase from DASKO deliver reliable performance and lot-to-lot consistency.



DASKO offers a wide variety of film and specialty materials that allow you to print thermal, laser and ink jet labels for long distance bar code scanning, RFID, weatherproof, harsh environment and durable applications.  We offer retro-reflective, kapton (polyimide), polyester, polypropylene, mylar, vinyl and much more with adhesives for a wide range of applications including indoor, outdoor, oily environments and extreme hot and cold.


We can deliver our materials on rolls, fanfolded and as individual sheets.  We offer standard sizes as well as custom thermal, laser and ink jet labels.  We have the capabilities to produce blank labels to any size or shape required.  From a quarter of an inch square to almost a foot by 4 feet, we can meet the size you need for your application.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

DASKO is an authorized distributor of SONY thermal transfer ribbons.  We offer resin, wax or a hybrid construction to provide the best print quality on the material you are printing in the most economical manner.  We offer many sizes and lengths to fit all makes and models of thermal transfer printers.  The ribbons all come in black but we also offer colored ribbons as well as different formulations for unique and challenging applications including high heat and exposure to solvents and harsh chemicals.

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