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DASKO LABEL is an industry leader providing labels, tags and signs for identification and tracking applications.  Our core business was founded in the 1990’s when many companies were improving productivity through the use of bar code identification for industrial and warehousing automation.  We have combined our expertise in bar code printing and scanning with our understanding of business applications to develop solutions for a wide variety of common and unique label applications.

When you work with DASKO, you get the advantage of experience gained from working with hundreds of other companies on thousands of other projects.  Our label consultants average over 15 years of experience in bar code labels for automation systems.  This knowledge of materials, printing processes, bar codes, scanner capabilities, software and business operations allows us to provide label solutions that work… the first time, every time! 

DASKO understands that new product development is critical to the growth of our product lines.  From label materials to printing techniques to identification technologies, we are the market leader in delivering creative and current label solutions.  From printing traditional and 2D bar codes to voice check digits to the emergence of RFID, DASKO will be leading the way!


DASKO wants to be your label partner and we are committed to do “whatever it takes” to make you successful.  Our mission is to foster a team spirit between our customers, suppliers and employees to provide innovative, quality products and services by...


DASKO has an extremely diverse customer base.  We support large multi-nationals to small single site accounts.  The common theme is item level identification and tracking requirements.  These items could be a product, case, pallet, rack location, floor location, equipment, furniture, fixtures, WIP, laboratory samples, documents and much more.

Our warehousing customers include 3PL’s, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cold storage and wholesale distribution.