Welcome to DASKO Label

DASKO LABEL is committed to providing high quality identification labels, tags and signs - where you need them, when you need them!  We believe in a “whatever it takes” service philosophy.  From free samples for testing to material recommendations, label designs, bar code expertise, site visits, quick turn around on custom jobs… “whatever it takes” to make you successful with your label project. 

Whether you are responsible to track corporate assets, run a warehouse or to manage any project with a label requirement - we understand your business and can relate to your application need.  We have the experience and expertise to recommend label solutions or simply confirm your specifications.  The result is that you can focus on your project tasks and have peace of mind that the labels will meet your requirements.

At DASKO, we understand the term “I needed it yesterday”.  We have built a reputation for delivering what others can not.  In today’s competitive environment, you need a reliable supplier who commits to what they can deliver and delivers what they commit.  DASKO is committed to being the supplier you can depend on to make your label project a success!

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